Google Apps isn’t free any more

Google Apps, is a cloud-based productivity suite offered by Google that provides all of the it’s services including  their Gmail, GTalk, Calendar, Docs etc. on your own domain. Isn’t that cool?

Before December 06, 2012, Google offered different packages for it’s customers

  • Standard or Free Edition: Initially allowing 200(or 100?) users per account with 7 GB space for each user, this was Google’s free offering for Google Apps. Google kept on decreasing the number of users allowed with Free edition. The last time I checked, it was 10 users per account.
  • Business Edition: This is the paid service offered by Google to SMBs to Enterprise customers. As of December 2012, Google charges USD 5 per month per user or USD 50 per year per user. Which still, for Indian market, is too steep. At an average exchange rate of INR 55 per USD, this amounts to INR 2750 per year per user which is too high for entry level businesses or small start-ups.
  • Education Edition: Google provides the Business edition absolutely free for any educational institutions.

also there are Government & Non-Profile editions.

On December 06, 2012, Google discontinued it’s Free edition with options for those who signed up for Trial account before December 06, 2012 to be able to downgrade to Free edition. Those signing up after December 06, 2012 won’t be that fortunate since once the trial ends, they will have to either upgrade to Business edition or cancel their account.