[POEM] Will never say good bye by Unknown Author

While scouring my old back-up folders, I came across this very beautiful poem saved to text file. While I have no memory of who sent it to me or where I found it, searching for it’s words returned no fruitful results. Therefore, I publish this poem in memory of that Unknown Person, so that this beautiful peace of literature doesn’t get lost. If you use this poem, just don’t forget to link back and maybe someday the original author will able to know that his/her work is still preserved.

I know there’s lots of sadness
that surrounds the world about

and can hear the laughter fading
as the street lights soon turn out.

I understand your heart
that has been broken many times,

I can see the pain that bears within
and instead of yours be mine

I only want the best for you
for I can only do so much

to take away what makes you sad
and diminish it with a single touch

I cant promise you the ocean
nor promise the heavens sky

I cant promise you the things you deserve
for i can not tell that lie.

I cannot promise you forever
and that I will never die

but I can promise you one thing,
while I’m here,I'll never say goodbye.