Annular Solar Eclipse – January 15, 2010 from Rajkot, Gujarat (INDIA)

I know, it’s too late to talk about the longest eclipse of this millennium and some asking “Where was I when everyone was posting about it?”. Well, I was busy with a function at home and then in fulfilling the commitments that got delayed due to this function.


Anyways, with my younger sis’s engagement around the weekend, I had little time to spare for the preparation forget visiting Rameshwaram. So, on the morning of January 15, 2010 I went to RCSC as we had planned a public observation there. I wanted to capture live-video of the whole eclipse and so I had taken my Sony DCR-HC36 with me. The public observation was quite successful as there was continuous flow of people visiting to watch the eclipse.


Here is a slide-show of the public observation session.



And here are few still-shots I took from my camcorder.

 ASE-001 ASE-002 ASE-003 ASE-004 ASE-005 ASE-006



I haven’t found time to extract the video which contains the initial part of the eclipse but lets hope that I would be able to do it ASAP.