Integrating IntenseDebate comment system

Recently I was visiting this of which I don’t remember the name but had this really nice comment system. First of all, I assumed that it might be a native implementation but then I received an email from IntenseDebate verifying my subscription to comment thread and it was then I realized the existence of this amazing site that looked promising.


So, after going through the site, I decided to integrate the comment system into my blog. But the question was? Has ever IntenseDebate been integrated into BlogEngine.Net? I googled over it and ofcourse, I couldn’t find anything. Hence, I had to start from the scratch. Based on my past experience on creating few Widgets & Extensions for BlogEngine.Net, I thought I could do it. After modifying couple of files, I found a little bit of success. I wanted to restrict all my code modification to Theme folder but with current structure of BlogEngine.Net, the possibility was far stretched. I had to modify a few files outside theme for this comment system to work. I’m uploading the modified files to live blog to test and it all goes OK, I’ll post the steps on How to implement IntenseDebate into BlogEngine.Net.

Wish me luck!

Update - January 11, 2010
The uploading of the modified files has been completed and the InteseDebate comment system is now active. Please help by leaving your comments and if you encounter any problems, please inform me by filling up the Contact form with subject IntenseDebate. Thanks in advance!

Update - August 31, 2012
Since, v1.6 BlogEngine.Net comes with support for Disqus and s I've moved to using Disqus as my primary comment platform.