Automate BSNL Broadband using Broadband Scheduler

You might have already visited my older blog posts BSNL Broadband Automation and BSNL Broadband Automation for Vista that dealt with using Task Scheduler (1.0 for XP and 2.0 for Vista) to schedule your tasks. While I tried to keep the process as easy as I can, working with Task Scheduler is sometimes hard. So, for long time I had been thinking to create a program that would ease the process of scheduling tasks on behalf of you and give you peace of mind. And at last I found time (and necessary resources) to work on this idea. And here it is, Broadband Scheduler client that eases your work by creating scheduled tasks on behalf of you. It uses an open-source Task Scheduler Managed Wrapper that should allow you to use client on both the operating systems (not confirmed for XP).


The program is capable of scheduling 4 kind of tasks which, I guess, should be sufficient. The tasks are named as follows

  • Connect
  • Applications
  • Disconnect
  • Shutdown

Connect, Disconnect & Shutdown – Used for Connecting, Disconnecting and Shutting down the system respectively.

Applications – To launch multiple applications at a given time.

Screen Shots



.Net Framework 2.0


The application is in BETA mode. So please use it at your own risk and provide feedback in comments, should you encounter any problem while using it. I’ll be glad to resolve your issues.

Warning: It has come to my notice that the current version has a bug when used on Laptops. The application will create tasks with condition "Start the task only if the computer is on AC power" checked by default. So, if you are running your downloads while on batteries, the tasks won't run.

Workaround: I've already resolved the bug but I need to test it before uploading. Please modify this condition manually. Click here for a step-by-step guide on how to do that.

2009/12/27 - Resolved
The updated version has been uploaded and is now available for download. Also, I've added reconnection feature that will let you reconnect if an existing connection is going on. Also, it will perform up to 5 connection attempts if an error occurs during these tries. So, now party all night without the worry of your download ;). Wish you a very very Happy New Year.

Download BBScheduler