USB Lock – A simple utility to block usage of USB Storage Drives on Windows System

Update - April 29, 2011
It has come to my notice that when a user inserts a new USB flash drive, Windows will reset the registry allowing the user to use the USB drive on the system. While, I did find a fix, it was no use to re-invent the wheel when there already exists a (free) program to get the work done.
A program from Intelliadmin is freely available that you can use to disable usb pendrives. Please have a look at their article for more details.

usb-lock-icon While scouring through my old archives, I came across a very simple utility, that I had created back in 2005 for my dad’s office to protect the data stored on it, called USB Lock.

This small utility blocks usage of USB drives on a computer so that data/files can neither be imported nor exported. It was written in VB6 and uses a simple registry tweak to enable & disable USB Storage Devices on that computer.

What is the benefit of blocking USB Storage Drives?

There might be many benefits of blocking USB Storage Drives but let me tell you two of them.

  • Data Security as data cannot be exported to external USB Drives.
  • System Security as USB Drives are one of the major hosts of viral transmission and blocking them reduces the rate of infection.

usb-lock How does USB Lock blocks USB Storage Drives?

Instead of writing a lengthy description, please read this thread(and there are many others but am too lazy to find one).

And if you are lazy like me and don’t want to visit any thread then here it is..

All it does is modify the following registry


Yes. That’s it. Full Stop.

Under that modifying the value of DWORD Start will enable or disable USB Drives. Here are the possible values.

  • 3 to Enable
  • 4 to Disable

So what? Anyone can modify this registry values and re-enable the USB Storage drives.

True. But not everyone. You need to be smart enough to know the exact registry key to modify which wasn’t the case with my Dad’s office staff. But eventually, if the need arise, with good management of access permissions(like only allowing a specific user to modify registry key) over registry key should fulfil your need. Please note that if you restrict registry modification to a specific user, the application can work only for that user.

Okay, let me give it a try.

Warning: This application modifies registry. It would be best in your interest to create a restore point or at least make a backup of your registry before installing/using this application.

Download USBLock

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