Advanced Restore via Windows Vista Backup and Restore Center

While going through a thread at Microsoft Answers, I realized how confusing task it can be, to restore files backed up using Windows Vista’s Backup and Restore Center. So, I decided to write up a post describing steps on how to restore your files using Advanced Restore option.


If you have stored your back up on a removable drive then keep it handy when you start this procedure.


Insert/Connect the removable drive containing your backup to your system.
Click start and type Backup and Restore Center in search box and press Enter.

Start the program

Click on the Advanced Restore link under “Restore Files” button.


A new window titled “Backup Status and Configuration” will open.

Click “Advanced restore” to continue to next step.


In the this step, select “Files from a backup made on different computer” and click Next.


A new window will ask you to select the source drive/network share where the backup is located.


Select the first option and select your partition/removable media where the backup is located and click Next.


After searching through the selected drive, a list of backups present on your drive will be presented to you.

Select the most relevant one and click Next.


Here you would be asked to select Files/Folders that you want to be restored. If you want to perform complete restore, select “Restore everything in this backup” and click Next.


Next you would be asked to choose the destination drive/folder where you want to restore your backup. Select one and click continue.


Now you are done. Your backup has been restored

I hope this has helped you in restoring your back-up. All the best.