Stylish Font Writer

Have you ever wished, while using Orkut, to write scraps and your profiles in different font styles without any third party application that shamelessly accesses your friends list and manipulates your updates???? or without logging into third party sites that are totally not reliable in the first place???

Well, even I used to ask the same question to myself. But hey, I can create a client application on my own. All I need is different font styles. And after scouring internet for few hours, I settled with 15 different styles. And I created this small application that writes in your chosen style, on the fly i.e. as you type. Isn't that something? Also, it allows you to copy the whole text to your keyboard while you type, all along, keeping your application window on top. So no more window switching and no more Select All-Ctrl+C or Select All+Right Click+Copy. Just focus on what you have to say and leave styling part to this little application.

Stylish Font Writer for Orkut & My Space

Using Stylish Font Writer with Orkut Scraps


  • .Net Framework 3.5 Runtime. Click here to get it.

A Request

I would really love to add more styles to this application. But, for that, I’ll need help from you, yes, the users. If you know of a good font style, please let me know by either leaving the URL as comment or by creating a format string for that font style. Unfortunately, this application is no more maintained. Update: 22-July-2012: I've moved the source code of this application to Codeplex and hoping to add features to it. But there is no gaurantee.

To create a format string, all you need to do is create a styled string of A to Z in lower case. For example, for style number 2 in the this application…. I formatted this string


into this


So, next time you come across a new style that you want to be included in this application, please leave the link or formatted string in the comment. I’ll try to include it in my next release.


Download Stylish Font Writer


Now you can install the application from Codeplex site as well. The setup on Codeplex is a ClickOnce setup and therefore, you'll have to install only once. After that the application will keep updating itself.

Click here to visit Stylish Font Writer Codeplex site.