Web Service & Client Software to monitor downloads in BlogEngine.Net using Al Nyveldt’s Simple Download Counter Extension (Updated)

It’s been quite a while that I actually wrote a good content but trust me, I was busy for good. Recently, I wanted to monitor downloads(not total monitoring, I’ll leave that to Google Analytics and StatCounter, but just how many files get downloaded everyday) of files I posted on the blog. For this, I’ve been using Al Nyveldt’s Simple Download Counter extension for couple of months. I just loved its simplicity and as it’s name suggests, it was pure vanilla simple extension.

But, due to its simplicity, I had to visit each page to check the download counts. Since, the extension used quite a simple XML file, I thought, maybe I could consume the file in a web service and allow a remote client to connect to it and get its local content synched with the server. And Eureka, it was a great idea(maybe just for me but yeah….it saves my time and is comfortable to use :D).

So I created the web service and a client to consume it. To add little bit of security, I’ve included a plain text passphrase authentication that should give you sufficient enough security(in my initial idea, it wasn’t even there).

Now if that’s enough, why don’t you test the client and provide me feedbacks or bugs that you may encounter during your use and if you like it, just leave your thanks :).

Feature List

  • Allows you to monitor downloads of files posted on your BlogEngine.Net Blog without visiting your blog.
  • Provides a simple list of files that are downloaded and how many times they are downloaded.
  • Monitors old and new download values and highlights files that are downloaded since last save.
  • Stores copy of each website locally so that it can load last statistics when that site is monitored. Helpful when you are running multiple instances of BlogEngine.Net
  • Uses a single password for the purpose of security. Uses BlogEngine.Net’s Membership Provider interface to authenticate web service request.
  • Resides in Tray when minimized. Shows a balloon tool tip when a file is(or files are) downloaded.


  • A working instance of Al Nyveldt’s Simple Download Counter extension which can be downloaded here on the server.
  • .Net Framework 2.0 for the client application.


Installation Steps

  • Download the Web Service & Client setup from the below link.
  • Extract it to your favourite location.
  • You will find “downloadstats.cs” under “wwwroot\App_Code”. Open it in your favourite text editor(try Notepad++)
  • Goto line 23 & change  the value of default_hash to your own password. You will need it when you connect using the client application.
  • Upload the files in given structure i.e. “downloadstats.asmx” to your blog root and “downloadstats.cs” as well as “downloadedfile.cs” to your App_Code folder.
  • Install the client application on the client computer.


Download Stats by Noise De Silence

  • The client application is very simple. You need to provide two three attributes for the application to work.
  • First one is Site URL. You need to enter your complete site URL that you use to access your blog. For example, mine is http://www.mayankraichura.com/. The application appends the web service file name(“/downloadstats.asmx”) to the link you provide. So the final link would look like http://www.mayankraichura.com/downloadstats.asmx.
  • Password is the value you entered in the downloadstats.cs file. Make sure the password you enter and the default_hash value are same. Otherwise, the application won’t work. The web service uses the default Membership Provider to authenticate user. Therefore, you need to provide the username & password to request your download statistics. You can change your password through Users in Admin section of your blog.
  • The default(and the only duration) of update is 1 minute. Once you press the Start button, the client will keep updating the table every 1 minute by querying the web service.
  • The client also compares new values with old values and if there is increase in a value, that record will be highlighted with yellow colour.

Download Stats by Noise De Silence Highlighted


That should be enough for now. Don’t forget to leave your suggestions, comments, bug reports and,if et al, your valuable compliments.

Download Link

Simple Download Counter Stats Client.zip