Heavy Wind and Hailstorm near Hadamtala on Gondal-Rajkot Highway

Just received call from my Dad that he was stuck in a heavy hailstorm and high speed wind which he assumes to be of around 50-60 KMPH. As per his information, the hailstorm started around 6 PM and lasted hardly for 15 minutes followed by Heavy Wind that uprooted large trees. One of the trees fell just near my dad’s car and broke the side mirror. A professional photographer has been called upon at the site to take pictures.

Strangely there are no reports of High Speed Wind around Rajkot and as per GujaratWeather.com (WX CallSign CW8030) there is no record of wind above 49.9 KMPH which was reported 3.39 PM, approx 2 hours before the said incident.

It should  be noted that similar incidents have been noted in last couple of years while I have been  a witness to one such incident.

I’m expecting the pictures to come by tonight and will update it as soon as possible.