Making Google Talk Windows Media Player Plugin work in Windows Vista + Windows Media Player(WMP) 11

Recently, I wanted to use Google Talk plugin(comes along with installation of Google Talk) for Windows Media Player that sets the currently playing song as your status message(Wow! Why Yahoo! couldn’t think of something like that????). Now as long as I used to use MS Windows XP, it wasn’t an issue et all. But the problem started when I tried to used in WMP 11 on Windows Vista Home Premium that came bundled with my Dell Studio 15 laptop. As soon as I tried to enable the plugin, WMP would crash and I couldn’t understand why!!!

After a wee bit of Googling, I came accross this thread which actually explained the cause behind it. While you can obviously visit the thread for info, I’m including the steps, here, for your ease.

Basically, the problem is caused as Google Talk fails to properly register gtalkwmp1.dll. So what we need to do is register it manually.

Goto Start > Run.
type cmd and press Enter.
type cd\ and press Enter in the newly opened Command Console Window.


cd "Program Files"
cd Google
cd "Google Talk"
regsvr32 gtalkwmp1.dll


As soon as you hit enter on line 4, a window will show that the file has been registered successfully.
Now re-enable the plugin from Windows Media Player and it should work smoothly (atleast it worked for me :) )

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