Interesting information for Total Solar Eclipse of July 22nd, 2009 from Indian Meteorological Department(IMD)

sun_eclipse_cor (640x511)(Photo Courtesy: David Jeffery, University of Oklahoma)

As I was going through the weather information on IMD website, I came across Astronomy Information page. I clicked the link and it led me to Positional Astronomy Centre probably maintained by IMD, Kolkata. The section is quite informative and as I was going through it, I found a page containing information regarding Eclipses visible in India in the year of 2009. I just went through the page and found it to be quite informative. It has information regarding the visibility of upcoming TSE in July from different cities of India as well a dedicated table for information on cities falling along the totality path.

Hope you will like it.

Positional Astronomy Centre, IMD, Kolkata – Eclipses Page (Not working any more).