BSNL Broadband Automation for Vista

Update: I'm currently working on a program that would ease the process of scheduling tasks for you. The details of the program is available here. If you want any new features, now is the time to ask for it. Just leave your feature request as a comment or send me a message with “Feature Request: Broadband Scheduler” as subject via Contact and I'll let you know if it would be possible for me to do it or not.

This post in actually extension to my previous post and therefore I’ve included only steps you need to follow.


Previously, I didn’t have Windows VistaTM so I didn’t knew how to work with it. But my Dell Studio 1555 came preloaded with Vista Home Premium and so I had a go wit it.

Windows Vista uses Task Scheduler 2.0 which is far more better than the older 1.0 which came with Windows XP. While, there are lots of blogs and websites that enlist the features of Task Scheduler 2.0, the best I liked is the ability to change your Windows Account password without affecting your scheduled tasks.The reason I like this is because last month, when I was using Windows XP, I’d scheduled my tasks to run at different times. As you very well know, in Windows XP Task Scheduler(even if you don’t know just accept it), you need to provide your account password while setting up a task. If you change your Windows Account password, the password saved by Task Scheduler will eventually cause Bad Authentication and thus the tasks won’t start. This is not the case in Task Scheduler 2.0. Here, it Credentials Manager to store passwords and so there is no need to change password for each task. Secondly, it uses XML based Job Files that helps sharing of tasks across computers, that’s what I’ve done.

Now, as we have some preliminary information of Task Manager 2.0, we are going to use it’s Import Task feature. Please follow the steps as below

  • Download the zip file and extract it to a safe location.
  • Go to the directory where you extracted files using Windows Explorer
  • Open Connect 2 Internet.xml in any text-editor(I prefer Notepad++)


  • Go to Line 47 and you will find three space-separated values enclosed between <Arguments></Arguments> tag.
  • Replace the connectionname with your Dial Up connection name(mine is BSNL), username with your BSNL username and password with your BSNL password.
  • Save the file and close the editor.
  • Open Task Scheduler from Start / Control Panel / System and Maintenance / Administrative Tools

Control-Panel Control-Panel-Administrative-Tools


  • Select Task Scheduler Library from the left pane and click on New Folder on the right pane.

TaskSched-Left-Pane TaskSched-Actions

  • Enter “BSNL Broadband” (you can choose different name or even skip this and previous step) and press OK.TaskSched-NewFolder
  • Now select the newly created folder from left pane and click on Import Task from the right pane.


  • Navigate to the folder where you extracted the task files, select one of the task files and then press Open.


  • A Create Task will be created, pre-loaded with task details from the Job File. Unless you want to play around with it, just press OK.


  • Your task is created successfully.
  • Repeat the above 3 steps for all the downloaded files.


  • Please note that I’ve only provided tasks for Connecting, Disconnecting and Shutdown as the software needs will be different for each user.
  • But if you wish to learn, there is abundant information available on Internet on how to Create Task in Task Scheduler 2.0. All you have to do is Google :p

BSNL Broadband Automation in Vista