BSNL Broadband Automation

Update: I'm currently working on a program that would ease the process of scheduling tasks for you. The details of the program is available here. If you want any new features, now is the time to ask for it. Just leave your feature request as a comment or send me a message with “Feature Request: Broadband Scheduler” as subject via Contact and I'll let you know if it would be possible for me to do it or not.

It seems that my last post was inadequate to make you understand how to use this batch files. So let me explain you how to do it in a step by step process.

Prerequisites: You should have basic knowledge of DOS prompt and how to use DOS commands.

  1. This batch files use an executable called “rasdial.exe” that is available in Windows OS(XP or higher).
  2. This executable lets you run your connections from the command-line. So, i n order to schedule our automatibroadbandon scripts, we are going to use batch files.
  3. Now lets see, what the download consists of…
  4. connect.bat – This file contains the command that will use your existing dial up connection to connect to internet.
  5. disconnect.bat – This file contains the command that will disconnect your dial up connection.
  6. Power-Off.bat – This file contains the command that will shut-down your computer. After all, we should save power too ;-)
  7. The only file you need to modify is connect.bat. It calls rasdial.exe and passes three parameters namely dial up connection name, user id and password. So, open connect.bat in notepad
  8. change “bsnl” to your connection name
  9. change “uid” to your BSNL username
  10. change “pass” to your BSNL password (Your password is stored as plain text so its not that safe to use this method)
  11. No go to Start Menu > Control Panel > Scheduled Tasks and create new tasks as follows


    02:05 AM connect.bat
    07:55 AM disconnect.bat
    07:57 AM power-off.bat
  12. Set this tasks to daily so that they are executed daily.


I’ll post steps for Windows Vista later this weekend. I have posted the steps for BSNL Broadband Automation for Vista. Please review them too.

Have a sound sleep.

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