Microsoft Expression Web is now available for free

In a quite shocking move, Microsoft has decided to stop further development of it's Expression range of products which primarily focused on Web Designers. Among these products was my favourite Microsoft Expression Web 4 which was infact quite a successful HTML/CSS editor. Microsoft has decided to release most of these products (except Expression Encoder Pro) for free albeit without any support which is the case in most free products. [More]

Security Bug with ZTE ZXDSL 531B Modem/Router

ZTE ZXDSL 531B is a Type II modem that was supplied by BSNL to it's BSNL Broadband (previously DataOne) subscribers free of cost upon commitment of a fixed duration or upon payment of additional charges.

While, the modem is really good at what it does, I found a security hole in it that, if exploited properly, can bring nightmare to it's users. [More]