Microsoft Expression Web is now available for free

In a quite shocking move, Microsoft has decided to stop further development of it's Expression range of products which primarily focused on Web Designers. Among these products was my favourite Microsoft Expression Web 4 which was infact quite a successful HTML/CSS editor. Microsoft has decided to release most of these products (except Expression Encoder Pro) for free albeit without any support which is the case in most free products. [More]

Stylish Font Writer

Stylish Font Writer is an application written in .Net that converts your text into stylish/fancy text that can be used to decorate your Orkut scraps/profile or any other social website that allows usage of unicode text. [More]

BlogEngine.Net Extension Base Class Generator

BlogEngine.Net Extension Base Class Generator is an application developed in .Net that eases creation of extensions for BlogEngine.Net by creating base classes populated settings required by the extension thereby decreasing the time required to develop extensions for BlogEngine.Net [More]