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ESP8266 Breakout Board

Jul 13, 2015 Arduino

Recently, I purchased an ESP-07 module of ESP866 Wi-Fi SoC. ESP8266 is a super awesome, Arduino compatible, SoC with 80 MHz microcontroller, 512 KB of flash, 40 KB of RAM and integrated Wi-Fi in a single chip and I designed a breakout board for ESP-07 & ESP-12 modules.


Date Difference in Years for .Net

May 24, 2013 Tips and Tricks

A simple and elegant way to calculate difference between two dates in terms of Years which is currently not supported by .Net framework.


Microsoft Expression Web is now available for free

Jan 30, 2013 News

In a quite shocking move, Microsoft has decided to stop further development of it's Expression range of products which primarily focused on Web Designers. Among these products was my favourite Microsoft Expression Web 4 which was infact quite a successful HTML/CSS editor. Microsoft has decided to release most of these products (except Expression Encoder Pro) for free albeit without any support which is the case in most free products.


Combining and optionally minifying CSS and JavaScript along with caching in ASP.Net

Dec 10, 2012 Tips & Tricks

Here is a simple code that can help you combine CSS and JavaScript files (theoretically any text files) into one and optionally allows you to minify or post process them before writing the file to server.


Google Apps isn’t free any more

Dec 07, 2012 News

Starting on December 6, 2012, Google will no longer offer new accounts for the free edition of Google Apps.


Lost all contacts on Xperia smartphone

Sep 21, 2012 Tips & Tricks

Solution to recovering your lost contacts on a Xperia smartphone.


Mondor’s ASP.Net CAPTCHA control with URL Rewriting

Jun 21, 2012 Tips and Tricks

This entry describes how one may encouter an error while trying to use Mondo's ASP.Net CAPTCHA control along with a URL rewriting plugin UrlRewritingNet and then explains how you can solve this error in just two easy steps.


Total Lunar Eclipse - December 10, 2011

Dec 11, 2011 Astro

Image gallery of Total Lunar Eclipse - December 10, 2011


[POEM] Will never say good bye by Unknown Author

Jun 11, 2011 Featured

A small poem that I came across while scouring my backups.


Security Bug with ZTE ZXDSL 531B Modem/Router

Mar 16, 2010 Tips and Tricks

ZTE ZXDSL 531B is a Type II modem that was supplied by BSNL to it's BSNL Broadband (previously DataOne) subscribers free of cost upon commitment of a fixed duration or upon payment of additional charges. While, the modem is really good at what it does, I found a security hole in it that, if exploited properly, can bring nightmare to it's users.


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